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Groom's Checklist

4-6 months before

  • Select invitations and think about who you want to send them to. Yes, you have to send them to your future in-laws.
  • Pick out entertainment, Wedding Band or Wedding DJ. Some bands and DJs are booked a year in advance.
  • Purchase wedding rings.
  • Pick out cake designs.
  • Reserve rental equipment like chairs, tables etc.
  • Confirm locations for your wedding, party and rehearsal dinner.
  • Choose a caterer that combines elegance and deliciousness.
  • Plan where the honeymoon will be.
  • Register at MrTux where one of our knowledgeable formalwear associates will help you choose from a wide array of tuxedo styles.
  • Select the wedding rings and have them engraved with both of your initials and the wedding date.

3 months before

  • Send invitations to final guest list.
  • Go to your first tuxedo fitting at MrTux. Strike a pose; you could be Canada's Next Top Male Model.
  • Plan wedding day transportation.
  • Write your vows or go over the traditional ones.

4-8 weeks before

  • Get your marriage license.
  • Get your fiancee a wedding gift to calm her nerves and remind her why you're so lovable.
  • Buy some gifts for your parents and the groomsmen to remind them why you're so special.
  • Pick up your wedding rings and put them in a safe place.

2-3 weeks before

  • Bachelor party!
  • Make a song list for the DJ or band. Be considerate of your multi-generational guests.

1 week before

  • Get a hair trim and maybe eyebrow tweezing from your usual hairstylist and let them know it's for the big day.
  • Prearrange for someone you trust to return any rentals. Your MrTux rentals have to be returned two days after the wedding.
  • Write a speech that includes thanking the special people in your life - your Bride, Best Man, Parents, Parent In-laws, MrTux Sales Associate‚Ķ

2-3 days before

  • Go for your second MrTux fitting and bring your new duds home. Make sure that you check any alterations that were done to your tuxedo or suit before taking your rental home.
  • Make sure all your guys go to their second fittings.
  • Give your best man the ring.
  • Rehearse the ceremony.
  • Two very important things to give your marriage officiant - the marriage license and payment.
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner with your family and friends. This is a good time to give them the gifts you bought.
  • Go to bed at a decent hour.