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Wedding Tuxedo Questions and Answers

Why wear a tuxedo?
Tuxedos are the proper means to visually express the significance of special occasions in a person's life. They announce to the world that the event is important to the participants and others. Tuxedos help add that unique accent of personalization to your event. We would be delighted to assist in your planning.
Who usually selects the wedding tuxedos?
The bride and groom usually visit the tuxedo location to pick out and register the formal wear for the men. Style and accessories in various colours depending on the formality of your wedding can be selected at this time.
What happens if something doesn't fit?
Make sure the men in your wedding party try on their tuxedos when they pick them up. Allow yourself extra time, so the tuxedo associate can make whatever changes are needed for that great fit.
Do all tuxedos have a satin stripe down the sides?
Yes, except for daytime formals, which have no stripe.
What's the proper fit for a tuxedo?
  • The coat
    It should fit comfortably across the shoulder. On most styles, the body should be long enough for the coat to brush the insides of your fingers when your hand is cupped around the bottom.
  • Sleeves
    Each should fall just below the wrist bone.
  • Collar
    It should comfortably hug the neck.
  • Trousers
    Worn at the waist. They must not grab the hip or thigh allowing the pleats to fall naturally, and the length should brush the shoe tops.
  • Vests
    The vest should be adjusted at the neck so that the bottom of the vest covers the waistband of the trousers, hiding the slide adjustments.
When should I select my wedding tuxedos?
Once the bride has picked out her color choices, the tuxedos can be selected. Six to eight weeks will give your groomsmen enough time to get fitted. Children can be measured one (1) month prior to the wedding date.
If the bridal gown is ivory, what color should the shirts be?
Try to color coordinate the color of the bridal gown and the shirts. This is done to minimize a sharp contrast in pictures between the bride's gown and the men's apparel. An ivory gown next to a white shirt may make the gown look yellow or faded.
Should I rent or buy?
Unless you go to a lot of formal affairs, you should rent. If you do decide that you need to purchase a tuxedo, we offer 30% off the purchase of any tuxedo we carry, to any person who rented a tuxedo from MrTux for up to one year after his rental date.
Are formalwear rules different in the summer?
A black tuxedo is perfect in every season. White and ivory can be cooler and better in warmer climates.
Should I wear a tuxedo, dinner jacket or suit?
For formal traditional weddings, a tuxedo or tailcoat worn with matching formal trousers is preferred. A white dinner jacket worn with formal black trousers is appropriate for summer weddings. Suits can be suitable for small informal weddings.
How do the Ushers get fitted?
If your Ushers live locally, they can visit your formalwear specialist at MrTux. If they are out of Province, they can print a measurement form and have the person go to a local store for a free courtesy fitting. Fax, mail or submit the information to us online. Your in-store fitting when you arrive for the wedding will determine if you require any alterations.
When do our rental tuxedos need to be returned?
Rental garments are due back to the store the next business day after your wedding. Those living out of town or anyone unable to return their own tuxedo may have another member of the party return it for them. All they have to do is have it back on the hangers as it was when picked up to expedite the return procedure for those bringing it back.